I asked my Nephew, Mike Glenton, who is a Deputy Head Teacher, to help identify good online learning resources for children.  This is his message;

“these uncertain and unprecedented times, school children all over the country are staying at home and have been asked to ‘home learn’.

This has struck fear into many as the calls have rung out asking ‘what should I teach my children? How long should they be doing English/Maths for a day?

However, what needs to be made clear to parents (and what might have been lost in translation), is that we don’t expect you to recreate the school day-this is an impossible task and one which children (and parents) will soon tire of!

We understand that you do not want your child to ‘fall behind’ or ‘not be ready for when they go back,’ however, during these times (which many children are finding scary), the best thing for your child is to be involved with home learning, rather than home schooling. So get them to learn something new every day; not how to do long division or use a fronted adverbial, but write a letter, plant some seeds or
make a collage of things from the garden).

With this in mind, I have created a list of possible websites, online learning and ideas which intend to give children short, sharp bursts of learning through games. My advice would be to do three of these in the morning (with breaks in between) and have the afternoon to do an activity (go for a walk in a nearby woods, do some
gardening, play a board game etc.) so that children are also getting that much needed time to socialise and relax. I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes and stay safe,
M. Glenton (Deputy Headteacher)”


Joe Wicks PE

A live stream video to get junior children up and about.Accessed through YouTube


Oxford Owls

Currently free to set up. Once registered, you will have access
to over 100 online books, very similar to the ones which are sent home for your child to read. HERE


Dr Chip’s daily dose of Science, engineering and Computing

Different activities for each day to engage inquisitive minds, starts at 10am. HERE



Online maths games, free subscription while the schools are closed.  HERE


BBC Bitesize

A range of Science, Maths, English and all other foundation subjects, activities, videos, quizzes and games. HERE


Pobble 365

A different picture each day to stimulate children’s imagination and give them something to write about. HERE


Maths Shed and Spelling Shed

Free subscription while your school is closed, lots of free games well-matched to the National Curriculum

Maths HERE

Spelling HERE


***From 20th April, BBC iPlayer will be offering enhanced bitesize daily lessons with 14 weeks of core subject learning. This will involve 6  x 20 minute lessons for Year 1 to Year 6.

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