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The Relaxed Childbirth Programme

Take The Pain Out of Labour and Childbirth Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The relaxed childbirth programme is a unique way which allows both parents to look forward to enjoying and really sharing the birthing experience together.

Whether you are an expectant Mother with fears and worries because of a previous pregnancy or birth, or a first time Mother needing help to deal with a perfectly natural fear of the unknown, Sue Wilson will take you gently through the wonderfully calming and relaxing way in which hypnosis can help you to take control of both your fears and the event itself.

A programme of 4 sessions (with a fifth being available if necessary for the Father-to-be,) takes you through self-hypnosis training and offers 4 CDs to support you up to and throughout labour and right the way to the beginnings of your new family life.

Sue gives you the option to either manage the birth yourself, from the first contraction to the actual delivery, with self-hypnosis, or to use the pre-recorded CDs which come as part of the programme in the delivery suite.

The programme is designed to allow you the flexibility you need to make the right choices for you and your child, to adapt and accept changes to your birth plan, as and when necessary.  Some Mums use it as an additional tool in their birthing experience, others find it is the only pain control they will need during the entire birth.

Using hypnotherapy, Mothers-to-be are taught how to relax themselves both before childbirth and during the birth itself and your baby benefits from a more peaceful (and often much faster) arrival too, increasing the natural bonding process for all three of you, for the best possible start to family life.

The expectant Father or Partner

It can be easy to forget the partners of expectant Mothers and to underestimate their importance when it comes to the “big day.” They are usually the only people in the delivery suite with the Mother and Midwife and their help and support can be a big factor in the calmness and comfort of the Mum.

Fathers and Partners are included in the Relaxed Childbirth Programme; calming their pre-birth nerves and helping them to continue to offer support before, during and after the birth.  If necessary any particular fears or worries can be dealt with at an additional single hypnotherapy session.

Being induced, Caesarean, Forceps, Ventouse, Episiotomy

This programme works equally well with a “natural” or an assisted birth, whether you are prepared for a surgical procedure or it becomes necessary during childbirth, you will have the emotional and physical strength to continue to make appropriate choices, regardless of the stage of labour.

Hypnotherapy offers you an emotional detachment from your body which can often mean the difference between feeling out of control and staying calm.


Most midwives are fully supportive of hypnosis-supported births; after all their Mums are more relaxed, calmer, more aware of what is going on around them and simply easier to work with.

Many of our new clients are referred to us from midwives who have taken previous clients through childbirth.

Be prepared!

Now you can prepare the three most important people for a wonderful experience; something you can look back on in years to come as the first magical step in your child’s life.

The sessions begin at around week 34 but you are welcome to call or send an email for more information, or to book a free consultation at any time in your pregnancy.

Sessions & Support Materials

1. Initial Consultation

  • Brief history of the pregnancy and discussion of the needs of the Mother and Father-to-be
  • Discuss expectations of the birth – how hypnosis can meet these expectations
  • Begin to challenge and change negative images/expectations
  • Booking first session (to take place around week 34), And …
  • Decide whether I am the right therapist for you & whether this is the right therapy for you both.

(This last point is very important … you need to feel relaxed with me and confident in my abilities.)

2. Joint relaxation session (Mother & Father-to-be)

To include:

  • Confidence and self-esteem boosting
  • Bonding and ongoing childcare
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Creation of positive expectations to replace the negative

To take away, for home practice …

  • Relaxation MP3 track for use by both the Mother and the Father-to-be

(This can also be used with the baby after the birth for family relaxation!)

3. For Mother-to-be

Learning self-hypnosis, discomfort management, anaesthesia techniques and the creation/use of a “safe place.”

  • Lesson in ‘self-hypnosis’
  • Lesson in discomfort management (pain control) and anaesthesia (numbing) techniques
  • Creation of a ‘safe place’ for relaxation and distraction up to and including the birth

To take away for home practice …

  • Background music CD
  • Notes and information on discomfort management, anaesthesia and safe place

3a. For Father-to-be … Phobia/Fear Busting Session

This is an optional session for those fathers who may experience nerves prior to the birth, which might affect their enjoyment as well as reduce the support for the mother!

  • Relaxation session with hypnosis
  • Phobia/Fear removal with specific techniques designed to make the birth enjoyable

4. For Mother-to-be … Pre-Childbirth Session

Techniques to enhance a relaxed birth (with flexibility to cover any possible outcome and potential changes to the birth plan) including …

  • Ability to focus, discuss and make choices during childbirth
  • Opening eyes during the birth
  • Immediate bonding and feeling really good
  • Fast and easy recovery
  • Ego boosting and self confidence after the birth

To take away …

  • Pre-childbirth MP3 track for home practice, and …
  • Childbirth MP3 track for use in the delivery suite

As you can see, the ‘Relaxed Childbirth Programme’ is both thorough in its pre-preparation for the birth and well thought out so the expectant Mother and Father can give themselves the best and most enjoyable opportunity of enjoying a natural birth with the least amount of discomfort.

Even a brief chat or quick email would make a difference for you