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Weight Loss With Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

At Lutterworth Health we believe that diets for weight loss don’t work, that calorie counting harms more than helps, that crash diets are potentially dangerous and that you can control your comfort eating with just a little knowledge and some professional help….not to mention the power of your own mind.

Sue Rayner can now show you how to lose weight easily, quickly and healthily, how to drop pounds without pain, how to shift the fat in a way that leaves you feeling slim, shapely, attractive and healthy. Your energy levels will rise, you’ll feel more self-confident than ever and you’ll easily drop a clothing size (or more), guaranteed!

You’ll learn about nutrition in an easy to understand way (no jargon or medical terms) so you can begin to respect your body and learn to really enjoy whatever you want to eat, whenever you want to eat it, without the usual guilt! So, throw out every diet you’ve ever bought or been given and jump off the yo-yo dieting roundabout…leave all the low self-esteem and feelings of failure behind you – you never wanted those and you certainly never deserved them.  Fat, flab, muffin top – gone!

Whether you describe yourself as obese, overweight, or just need to lose a few pounds; first, you can learn to love yourself at any weight and size, and Sue can help you get your head around the idea that you can eat naturally, eat whatever your body wants and needs, eat whenever you are hungry….and that there are no “bad” foods.

Revealed … the brutal and honest truth on why most diets are a waste of time!

Slow weight loss is agreed by health and nutrition specialists to be the most effective long-term strategy if you want to keep the weight off. When you start to diet and eat less than your body thinks it requires it assumes you’re heading towards starvation and adapts by decreasing your metabolic rate (the speed you burn up food.)

This is a very aggressive tactic and immediately puts your body on the defensive, so that any weight loss during this time will often be regained later when you start eating “normally” again, as your metabolic rate will now be slower and therefore you will gain more weight as it will appear that you are now overeating.

Dieters often restrict and change their food range but go back to previous eating patterns when their target weight is reached or they give up on it. Weight will gradually creep back on and in many cases will go beyond the original starting point, leaving behind that familiar feeling of failure and even lower self-esteem and self-confidence…is it any wonder we call it comfort eating!

How does the Relaxed Eating Programme work to help you lose weight?

It’s easier than you could ever imagine to be slim and control your weight because, using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we can harness the power of your mind and reprogram your eating habits, but most importantly, you will change your relationship with food…forever!

This programme was the first of its kind in the UK when introduced in 2009 and has been updated and improved using information and feedback from clients ever since. It provides nutritional hints and tips; small things that make big differences to your health, it taps into your own individual strengths and weaknesses to create a way of living, rather than a way of eating… where you eat to live, rather than live to eat…where you stop concentrating on your next meal and become relaxed about eating.

Many of our clients tell us that they had been thinking about and craving food all day; that the minute one meal had gone they were planning and imagining the next.  They became obsessive about eating.  Our programme deals with comfort eating by identifying and providing alternatives to food, when you’re not actually hungry and by making food something you enjoy rather than something to fit your life around.

We use whatever combination of therapies you need to get the results you’re looking for. Sometimes that means hypnosis and or applied psychology and always a lot of common sense.

Simple, easy and effective slimming, weight loss and weight control can be yours simply by picking up your phone and taking that important first step to helping yourself by calling us today

This is what you’ll get from the programme…

  • Work out whether you are hungry…or are you thirsty, sad, angry, or just bored.
  • Make food substitutions to improve your health without losing flavour
  • Understand the key elements of healthy eating…in a language you can understand
  • Discover how to change your emotional relationship with food and get off the binge/guilt cycle
  • Unlearn your childhood food rules, and…
  • Discover hints and tips that make change easy and fast

Here’s an outline of the Relaxed Eating Programme…


The therapy is carried out over the course of 9 weeks (4 sessions, the first two weeks apart and the last a month later…although this last session is often delayed by clients doing particularly well, who use it as a booster session, sometimes 3 to 6 months later.)
Session lengths vary from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the programme stage.


Appointments are available during the day and evenings.


The programme costs £325, payable at the first session

Hypnosis and applied psychology (teaching you to know yourself and how you “tick”) are the perfect way to get what you want out of life; they don’t replace willpower, instead they give your self-confidence and self-belief such a boost that you find behaviour changes easy and fast and when you change your habits for long enough they tend to stick!

How quickly can I be seen?

We try to arrange appointments within a week however our diaries fill up quickly, so please contact us today

Can I bring a friend, if we both want to lose weight?

Yes, we’re happy to provide consultations for two people together, although for reasons of confidentiality we will ask to see each of you individually for a few minutes during the first appointment.

What’s your guarantee?

We guarantee that you will lose at least a stone in weight (provided this is within a healthy weight range for your height/frame) when you follow the Relaxed Eating Programme and are so sure of this we will offer you free monthly sessions for a period of one year after the initial programme ends if you have not lost this weight, until you do!

Does it really work?

Here are some testimonials from delighted clients who found the ‘Relaxed Eating Programme’ easy to follow and more importantly, easily adaptable to fit their life … please read it to find out how!

Then call, text or email Sue.  You can arrange a Free Screening Session, or just have a brief phone chat, to answer your questions