Sports Therapy

Sue has been working with amateur and profession sportspeople since 2006. She has worked in a wide range of sports with two main goals; to improve performance or to resolve anxiety which is affecting performance.

Sports dealt with most frequently include cycling, golf, horseriding, rowing, running and racket sports; although professional sportspeople (one a semi-professional and now professional footballer, several who were olympic hopefuls and one who took part in the 2012 olympics) have also come from Rifle Shooting and hurdling.

The choice of therapy/training used will depend on the issues suffered by the client, the urgency of the need for change and their long-term goals.

Many amateur sportspeople have a “blip” in their ability…perhaps due to a one-off problem or to other, non-sport anxieties, or when major success is very close. These problems are generally very easy to deal with and will produce almost immediate results.

  • Have you reached a plateau in your progress?
  • Has your performance suddenly deteriorated?
  • Do you find elements of your sport more difficult than they perhaps “should” be?
  • Is your performance affected negatively when people are watching you?
  • Are you learning a new sport or technique but finding it difficult to “get it”?

Perhaps you’d like a quick chat to discuss the options available? Sue offers a free screening session for you to take the opportunity to see what can be done; working with an experienced professional towards quick and often significant results

Depending on the therapy being used, online sessions are available, which are helpful to clients who travel for their sport, or whose diary or location make face to face sessions difficult.

Call, text or email today to arrange a short phone chat and/or a Free Screening Session, so we can discuss your needs and the best therapy for you.