Our Fees


'FREE Screening Session'
An informal chat to discuss your problems, so that you can ask any questions you might have and to give Sue a complete picture of the issues to be dealt with.

Between us we'll work out the best therapy option for you, to fit your needs, available time and budget.  This session can be face to face or online...whatever suits you







Psychotherapy (with or without hypnosis)
Resolve your fears, phobias, depression, anxiety and panic attacks with this very effective form of psychotherapy (Approx 55 mins/session)


Suggestion Therapy
An intensive hypnotherapy session for habits such as nail biting, exam/test nerves, sports and business performance (Approx 55 mins/session)


Weight Loss - Relaxed Eating Programme (1 stone weight loss guaranteed)
Lose weight the easy way. Developed by Sue Wilson with amazing results. 4 sessions over 8 weeks (Approx 55 mins/session)

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Hypnotic Slimming Band - Virtual Gastric Band Surgery (1 stone weight loss guaranteed)
You can now benefit from having a 'virtual, hypnotic operation to simulate the fitting of a Gastric Band. Often known as hypnoband, hypno-band or mind band
4 specific sessions, over 7 weeks


For the

Become a Non-Smoker Now!
90 minutes of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, taking only 90 minutes to help you kick the habit for good... and only for those who seriously want to quit Book your session now!

Special Offer for March/April £195

Relaxed Childbirth Programme
Hypnosis has been found to work very well during childbirth in helping expectant Mums deal with the fears and discomfort in a way that makes them feel more in control. There are 4 sessions over 4 weeks

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The Relaxed Living Programme
A powerful approach to helping you become more confident, feel better about situations that bothered you and change your limiting thoughts and behaviour - in just 5-6 sessions  


Per session


How to pay your fees ...

Payment may be made by cash, credit or debit card.  Or by bank transfer, in advance of the session

credit and debit cards


Cancelled or missed appointments

We're sure you'll understand that appointments cancelled at short notice or missed are difficult to re-fill,

so to avoid a cancellation fee please give 24 hours' notice - Thank you