Fears and Phobias Can Now Be Cured With Hypnosis and Applied Psychology in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Phobias are worries and thoughts that are used by our mind to let go of bottled up emotions, they may be attached to a something particular, such as snakes or water, heights or enclosed spaces, or they may be linked to a range of triggers such as being in away from home or feeling ‘on the spot’.

They’re used by your mind to help you avoid situations that might stress you and sometimes as a way to let go of bottled up emotions.

“The anxieties usually fall into one of two categories … A fear of being out of control or of being judged”

Over time, your phobias may grow to the point where they can have a deep affect on your everyday life, where you begin to avoid the phobic ‘trigger’ and over time this may then lead on to a fear of the fear itself.

Often you’ll limit what you do and where you go to try to avoid the cause of your phobia, making your life more predictable but a lot smaller too.

Damage is often done to both professional and personal parts of your life, making you less confident than you could be.

Phobias fall into two groups …

Specific Phobia

Where your phobia is related to one specific object or situation, e.g. spiders or heights.

These might be triggered by the sight, sound or thought of the object or situation.

Generalised Phobia

Where your phobia is related to a range of objects or situations i.e. social phobia (a fear of being judged) or agoraphobia (a fear of being away from home or a ‘safe place’).

The following is a brief list of the more common phobias (but not the only ones) we deal with at the clinic;

  • Agoraphobia (being outdoors or away from home)
  • Aircraft/flying
  • Birds
  • Bridges
  • Buttons
  • Cars
  • Cats
  • Claustrophobia (enclosed spaces)
  • Dentist
  • Heights
  • Illness
  • Needles/injections (Trypanophobia) or (Injectophobia)
  • Public speaking
  • Spiders
  • Travelling
  • Vomit/ vomiting/ choking (Emetophobia or Phagaphobia)

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