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Sue Rayner MIAEBP – Consultant Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

Sue Rayner, Lutterworth Health, for fears phobias, anxiety, depression, smoking, weight loss, therapy for children, bad habits, confidence and more

Hi, I’m Sue Rayner and I run Lutterworth Health and Lutterworth Hypnotherapy Clinic
I changed my career in 2005 when I qualified as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.  This followed successful therapy to remove my own anxiety, depression and a phobia.  The use of mental and emotional health therapy has changed my life and I’d like to help do the same for yours

The therapies I practice fall into the Talk Therapy category which is the NHS recommended way to deal with feelings and thinking problems, addictions and unwanted thoughts and behaviour.

You’ll find no crystals, healing, past lives etc.  Everything I do is supported by scientific evidence.  I offer straightforward, professional and sympathetic therapy.


Who are my clients?

As a full-time therapist I work with clients from a large range of backgrounds and professions and from 7 years of age up to late 80’s. Schoolchildren whose anxiety has led them to fear things that were no problem just months ago.  Who don’t want to go to school or are unable to build or maintain good relationships with friends and family. Often their changed personality and behaviour proves a problem for the whole family.

Then the young adults…18 to mid 20’s, who are either adrift without any idea of what to do or who are struggling with relationships or working life.  Some being left behind by their peers, others choosing an unusual path and finding it difficult and lonely

Adult clients come from a wide range of backgrounds. Professionals who struggle to deal with their peers or to handle stress and pressure from their jobs, such as teachers, medical professionals, senior management and entrepreneurs.  Those being overstretched, or overlooked, such as carers, people juggling multiple roles, sales people, sportspeople, retirees and almost any other person you can think of.

Add to this those (all of us) who, at some time just feel they can’t carry on as they have been doing

The only thing they have in common is that their mind is working against them. My job is to show them how to harness their mind’s power to work for them instead, using mental and emotional health therapy



Each year I expand my knowledge through additional training, way beyond the minimum required professionally. Making sure that I keep up with the latest psychological thinking and techniques. My professional organisation is the IAEBP and I hold both accredited and advanced status with an up to date CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate.


Mental and Emotional Health Therapy

I specialise in rapid, effective therapies.  You don’t need to spend years with a therapist when (often better) results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks.  For more complex issues a programme of therapy may be optimum to deal with issues.

In programmes, adults are with me an average of 8/9 sessions and children 5/6 sessions.  However, with some problems 2 sessions will be enough to target specific anxieties. I also do 1 or 2 sessions for one-off problems and upcoming events, such as interviews, driving tests, presentations, dentist appointments, medical procedures etc.

My Stop Smoking session is a special one-off session but lasts 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours…an in depth session to crush the craving and throw away the cigarettes once and for all

The therapies I offer include Psychotherapy (for deep rooted problems stemming from the past,) Applied Psychology (for anxiety and depression, short term problems, phobias, habits and less complex issues) and Hypnotherapy (for short term issues, phobias, urgent anxiety reduction and habits).  I am also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and plain common sense…


I’ve developed programmes to deal specifically with;

Long term anxiety, depression, phobias, low self esteem, unwanted/unhelpful thoughts and habits (The Relaxed Living Programme)

Weight Loss (The Relaxed Eating Programme)

Alcohol over-use and alcoholism (The Drinking Reset Programme)

Pregnancy and childbirth (The Relaxed Childbirth Programme)

Work and Professional improvement (The Professional Development Programme)

I developed these session groups to address the common issues suffered by clients but will then tailor each session to suit the individual. They contain a mix of therapies, according to the problems to be dealt with and your goals


The mental and emotional health therapy and training courses I offer are among the most modern, successful, rapid and empowering of any available in the world today. If you choose to come to see me, I promise to look after you from day 1 and beyond.


Press, TV and Radio

I have featured regularly in press and radio and have also taken part in television interviews. I talk regularly at meetings and corporate events.  My passion for my work is clear and I’m a huge advocate for mental health support for all


Free Screening Session

Working from confidential and professional offices in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, I offer new clients a Free Screening Session.  At this we can discuss your problems and goals.

Then I can explain the therapy options most appropriate to help you move on with your life. In this way, we get to know each other a little.  You’ll also get a sense of how we might work together.  Then you’ll feel able to ask any questions you might have.

Understanding that you want to invest your hard earned money sensibly, I’ll offer you as much information as possible on a variety of solutions to your problems.  You’re under no obligation to commit at your Free Screening Session. It’s fine to go away to have a think about it.  Being ready and happy to start working towards a new life is the best state of mind for positive results.

Whatever the questions, I’ll answer fully and honestly, based on thousands of hours of experience with people just like you.


Fast, recommended and supportive

Results speak for themselves; more than 70% of my clients are referred from previous clients   I moved to Lutterworth in June 2021 and many of my previous Bedford Health clients are still contacting me, travelling for therapy and referring friends and family.

Many previous clients have come back to me years later when a life-changing issue arises or just for a single session update.  It’s not unusual to have messages and calls from them over the years to let me know how their lives are progressing or to share good news.  I take this as huge compliment and love to share their achievements.


So, do you want to resolve your issues in just a few sessions?  if so, just call, text or email.  (Don’t worry if it’s late at night or a weekend…if I’m busy or asleep I’ll be happy to pick up a message later)

I know from personal experience that this first step is difficult but, without it, nothing changes.

I look forward to meeting you soon