• Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session
  • Free 45 Minute Screening Session

Free Screening Session to Help You Resolve Your Problems

Book a FREE Screening Session with Sue, to better understand how therapy resolves problems and issues. You can discuss your concerns in total privacy and with the utmost confidentiality

You’ll see that she fully understands your problem, that you may be nervous, and cares enough to want help you.  This appointment is just a chat, to see Sue’s professional offices and see whether you feel comfortable with her…too early for trust, but you’ll get an idea of whether that is going to happen later


Finding the right therapist and therapy

Feeling comfortable with your therapist is as important as the therapy you choose.  Having to the chance to meet Sue without obligation means you can feel just a little more confident when you do come for your first session.Sue Wilson, Lutterworth Health, for fears phobias, anxiety, depression, smoking, weight loss, therapy for children, bad habits, confidence and more

You won’t be judged or criticised,  You’ll have time to explain what’s really concerning you.  You can ask whatever questions you might have and discuss potential therapy options, with no obligation.  It’s absolutely fine to want to go away and have a think about it or to talk it over with your friends and family. This is an important decision and Sue understands that.

Many of her clients have had therapy previously or may already be having therapy but not getting the results they need.  Some will be using medication such as antidepressants and that’s never a problem, nor will Sue tell you to throw them away.  However, she will seek to treat you so that you get to a point where you’re happy to work with your doctor to gently reduce and remove them, when the time feels right.

You can see the therapies Sue offers Here


Sue’s clients come from Lutterworth and surrounding areas but also from Leicester, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Rugby, Coventry, Daventry,Therapy for the whole family Northampton and Milton Keynes.  That said, clients have travelled from as far afield as Hull, Leeds and London (usually referrals from existing clients or people looking for specialist Child Therapy) Some from much further afield, in the UK, Europe and the USA.   She offers both face to face therapy and (for some techniques) Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime.  Many clients travel extensively, live far from Lutterworth or are housebound.  Others have been referred to Sue from local clients.

They are children, aged 7 years upwards, teenagers and young adults middle aged, all the way through to elderly clients  and they come from a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures


Free and confidential screening

Your FREE screening session lasts 30-45 minutes.  Anything we discuss is completely confidential.  Without your permission Sue will not even confirm that you have been to see her to anyone else

Even a brief chat or quick email would make a difference for you

So,to find out more about how therapy could help you … just click here to get in touch


The therapies Sue practices are the most modern, successful, rapid, thorough and empowering of any therapy available in the world today.

If you choose to come and see Sue, you have a VERY GOOD CHANCE that your  poor self confidence, bad habit, anxiety, fear, phobia, depression or panic attacks will be completely resolved in just a few sessions.  No other form of therapy can offer you these assurances.