Childhood Anxiety Talk

7pm, Tuesday 17th May at Thomas Estley Community College, Station Road, Broughton Astley LE19 6PT

Free and open to everyone and there’s no need to book.  For more information, please click on the PDF link below

Childhood Anxiety Talk – online advert – Thomas Estley CC – May 2022

I’ll be discussing the causes of anxiety in children, the symptoms it causes and some hints and tips to help your child at home.

Some of the issues created by anxiety are worry, depression, lack of confidence and poor sleep.  However anxiety is often at the root of poor relationships.  Some children are unable to make or keep friends.  They may have problems with dealing with siblings.  Either being overly protective or abusive towards them.  A “quick fuse” is very common, as is anger, either towards others but also towards their own perceived shortcomings.

The GCSE and A level years are particularly tough for many kids.  They may already be having problems and then put themselves under pressure to perform.  Because of this, they want to please parents or just to not stand out from their peers at school.  Then there are those who have learning disabilities or who struggle with academic work. All in all, this is a time of intense and unrelenting pressure.

Add into this mix the problems that puberty can bring and the social pressure to be the same as others and you have a volatile mix.

Learn How to Help

As an adult I can relate to much of this and wouldn’t want to go back to relive some of those years.  I’m sure you remember too.  In fact that’s what this talk is really about.  I’d like to give you the opportunity to see the issues, from the outside in.

Sadly our own experiences often colour how we respond to our children’s issues and that means we offer them the help we THINK they need.

Put your own experiences aside to and get practical…learn how to help!

If you have any other questions, or are unable to attend, please call, text or email me , I’ll be happy to help


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