For parents who are struggling to find online resources for younger children you’ll find links here.

Remember that you’re a parent not a teacher. No one expects you to recreate a school day so be kind to yourself

With this in mind, my Nephew, Mike Glenton, who is a Deputy Head Teacher, has created a list of possible websites, online learning and ideas to give children short, sharp bursts of learning through games.

He suggests that you do perhaps three of these in the morning, with breaks in between and have the afternoon to do an activity (go for a walk nearby , do some gardening, play a board game etc.) so that children are also getting that much needed time to socialise and relax.


Tumble Tots

A live stream video at 10am every day – a great way to get some exercise. Accessed through Facebook  HERE


Phonics Play

Username: march20        Password: home

Free access to this wonderful phonics resource which children will love. HERE


Alphablocks and Numberblocks

Short, 10 minute programmes to get your child to learn their phonics and sounds.

Search on YouTube.



Lots of fun activities and games to keep your child engaged. HERE


Early Learn

Free to sign up and limited access to resources and games but well worth a look HERE

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