Child Anxiety and fear of school

I work with children a great deal at the clinic, from the age of 7 years.  Often I see them when their issues get so bad they’re refusing to go to school.  With a few sessions they’re usually happy to return, although we’ll then be working on the source of their anxiety to stop the fear of school returning.

The fear of going to school is not often the root cause of their problems.  Sometimes they feel safer at home and with parents, sometimes it’s an increasing fear of something which reduces their self esteem.  This leads to the belief that they can’t deal with problems in other areas of their life.  The amount of time spent at school and the pressures of relationships on a day to day basis are reflected in their behaviour and expectations at school.

Anxiety can begin for a number of reasons; accidents, illness, falling out with friends, moving home (or school), death or illness within the family or as a long-term growth of small anxieties.  These eventually reach a point where their normal behaviour and responses to everyday life change. The common theme here is that the child will almost certainly be an overthinker, who broods and feels deeply.

The good news is that this can all be reversed and within weeks rather than months.

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