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Fear of vomit, vomiting, and/or illness can now be cured

Often known as Emetophobia, this fear has been classified as the fifth most common phobia.  Also know as the “secret” phobia as most sufferers will often keep their fears hidden from all but their family and closest friends.

The phobia may be of becoming ill and vomiting or others being ill nearby, and of the chance to pick up germs from others who are or who might be ill.  The overriding drive is to find a way to avoid or to find a remedy for vomiting.

Whilst nobody likes to be sick, the difference here is the lengths the suffer will go to, to avoid  being ill and their very deep fear of that happening.

For some this fear extends to a fear of choking or gagging on food.

Seen predominantly in females (80% of sufferers) and forming often in puberty/teenage years, it can have a huge effect on lives.

Emetophobia is also known as phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia and fear of vomiting.  It may also include, fear of gagging, fear of swallowing, fear of choking and globus hystericus



Do you overcook food, to avoid food poisoning, limit those who you’ll allow to cook food for you, take great care with restaurant food.  Are you limiting the type of restaurant you will eat at, foods eaten, maybe avoiding eating away from home altogether? You probably restrict or refuse alcohol in case of adverse affects too.

The fear is so strong that you may choose exactly where you sit in a pub or restaurant.  This can vary according to the individual, from being close to the toilets (to get there quickly if necessary), to being as far away as possible (to avoid anyone who is ill).  It will almost always include a need to have a detailed exit route identified “just in case”

Festive and celebratory occasions are usually a problem, for someone suffering from emetophobia, in case someone gets drunk and then vomits.

Sufferers are always over-thinkers, who are planning their life around their phobia.  They often restrict their lives and opportunities to stay safe and avoid anxiety.


Get rid of your fear of being sick, choking, vomit and vomiting with Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy 

If you, or someone you know, suffers from this problem you’ll understand why the following conditions are controlling you:

Out and about;

  • Avoiding public areas, particularly, schools, pubs, shopping centres or restaurants in case someone is throwing up or you encounter vomit.
  • Constantly monitoring the health of those around you, just in case of illness.
  • Travelling is often uncomfortable or not possible – in case someone is sick or ill.
  • Avoiding doctors’ surgeries and chemists to minimise the opportunity for contamination.


  • Your diet is likely to be limited to ‘safe” foods you know are unlikely to cause stomach upsets.
  • It can be difficult or impossible to eat away from home.
  • Only eating food that you or selected relatives have prepared (to avoid contamination and food poisoning for example)


  • Many women will dread or avoid pregnancy in case of morning sickness.
  • You may cope with your child’s illnesses, but, such episodes are particularly difficult and stressful for you.


You can be free of Emetophobia

Free from this obsessive fear, to live without limits, by booking  a FREE screening session to discuss your fears and concerns. Then, once you’ve had your questions answered, learn how to release fears… forever

Sue is known for her skill in treating this problem and many other obsessions. Others, just like you, have felt better after contacting her because they’ve called the right place and they’ve gone on to become free of their fears.

Sue Rayner, Consultant PsychotherapistShe will have at least 2 emetophobes in therapy at any one time and has dealt extensively with this issue throughout her long therapy career.  You can expect very good to amazing results

If this sounds like you, a close friend or family member you/they may think that you/they are alone with this fear.  You’re not; this is very common and can be treated relatively easily and quickly, using the Relaxed Living Programme and/or Pure Hypnoanalysis.


Begin to change your life today 

Learn how to undo years of negative thinking habits, to replace those habits with new, more helpful thinking.  Leading to increasing changes in your emotions, behaviour and symptoms.


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Sue Rayner, Phobia Specialist

You no longer have to live with these fears. They can be reduced and removed in weeks rather than years.

Why not give Sue a call to arrange a Free Screening Session, to find out more. Taking that one small action towards living a better life may seem daunting but Sue understands and will take care of you.

Book a free screening session so Sue can explain the process in more detail.  You can have a chat about your emetophobia and she’ll answer your questions…just call, text or email.

That’s the first step to change and if you don’t know what it will take you can’t work out if it’s manageable for you.