This is your fear of confined spaces and/or being shut into small/enclosed spaces.  Claustrophobia is one of the most common phobias

Essentially, the underlying worry is that the sufferer may become trapped and be unable to escape.  So you may find that being able to see a clear exit from a room or to be able to leave doors open may help reduce underlying anxiety levels.

So, long-term this can be an incredibly debilitating anxiety.  The phobia can expand over time, so that where once a door unlocked was OK, eventually it must be open, where a short lift journey becomes unbearable and crowded rooms will be stifling.

What is the underlying issue with claustrophobia?Claustrophobia - deal with it, quickly and easier, for freedom

In psychological terms, this is essentially a fear of being out of control and you or your loved one may find this definition fits with other areas of your life.  Treatment is extremely successful and is complete within 6-9 weeks for adults and from 2 to 6 weeks for children. Dependant upon the therapy undertaken.



Phobias respond very well and can be removed using Psychotherapy or the Relaxed Living Programme.

For your children, Suggestion Therapy may be used to control symptoms, although the Relaxed Living Programme will offer long-term relief.


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