Button Phobia

Button phobia is surprisingly common and may include a fear of poppers or other fastenings (zips, velcro etc.)


it is often triggered by;

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  • A particular type or size of button/fastening
  • Whether the fastening is fixed or loose
  • The thought that they might inhale or swallow the fastening
  • The noise made by the fastening.
  • The feeling of the fastening against the skin


Day to day life becomes very difficult for sufferers, who not only avoid wearing clothes fastened in this way, but who may need to dress their families with clothing without buttons, zips or poppers.  Fear of duvet fasteners has been a frequent symptom at the clinic too.

The phobia may extend to avoiding other people with button up clothing or to being unable to write or say the word “button.”

Phobias responds very well and can be removed using Psychotherapy, the Relaxed Living Programme and (for short term relief), Hypnotherapy.

For children, Suggestion Therapy may also be used to control symptoms.


If you or a friend/family member have this fear, why not get some information on how it can be treated quickly and easily.

Even a call, text or email is a step towards a healthier, less stressed life