Will I feel differently after the session?


Suggestion therapy will take effect anywhere from immediately to within a few hours.  Sometimes family and friends notice change before clients because the issue they had is not longer an issue and they stop paying attention to it

The feeling of relaxation and peacefulness felt after a session of hypnotherapy lasts for some time (often hours) afterwards.


This is the longest and most involved of the therapies offered at Lutterworth Health.  Results are rarely immediate but change starts gently around weeks 4-6.  We are dealing with the release and sorting of emotion and emotional events so it takes a little while to see changes, but when they come they will change your outlook on life and lift any “weight” you have been carrying.

Applied Psychology (The Relaxed Living Programme)

The first session of the Relaxed Living Programme is designed to give you techniques you can learn easily (7 year olds use them too).  This means that, with a small amount of effort you will see small changes in the first few days afterwards.  Each week this expands and improves.  Eventually it just becomes second nature to live without your issues

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