ME or CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The most common symptom of ME or CFS is extreme fatigue, but it’s by far not the only one and the affect on the sufferer’s life can be extensive and very damaging to relationships, career and self esteem.  Often appearing following an illness or period of extreme stress, it’s make-up varies between sufferers and symptoms vary in length and severity.

The lack of a definitive reason for the symptoms can leave the sufferer feeling overwhelmed with the need to explain and justify to those around them, with little chance of those individuals being able to fully understand or empathise.  Meanwhile, a sense of helplessness can often make sufferers angry and/or frustrated.

Add to this an overwhelming sense of frustration at not being able to do things most people find simple and there’s a recipe for negative thinking and feelings of helplessness.

Relationships can be damaged over time, romantic, family and friendships.  Sometimes because the person with ME or CFS will withdraw and sometimes because those around them find it difficult to understand and support long-term

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